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Our Values

Within SAGE, we have three core values that guide us in our decision-making and our overall ministry approach. You will find those three principles listed below in addition to a summary of our ministry distinctives.

We value the importance of being:

  • Personal: We believe it is critical to keep our events at what we deem to be a manageable size, so that we can continue to develop personal relationships with those who attend. In addition, we have strived since SAGE's inception to incorporate our personal testimonies and experiences into our ministry presentations. Providing a glimpse into our faith journey opens up the door for girls to relate and connect with our team. Time and time again, we have seen the effectiveness of this approach. Finally, as social media and technology continue to grow, it is also our desire to leverage these emerging tools to maximize our capacity to minister personally. By developing connections through social mediums and by harnessing the power of this digital age, we increase our opportunities to stay connected to girls long after an event has passed.
  • Biblical: Understanding that God's Word is the only means to bring about a lasting impact, we ensure that all our teaching is grounded and founded in Scripture. Those who attend our events or utilize our resources will receive Truth rather than opinions.
  • Relevant: Culture is constantly changing, so it is our responsibility to engage the hearts of those engaged in this culture. We do this tackling today's most critical issues in a presentation style that acknowledges the uniqueness of this postmodern generation.

In recent years, girls ministry has truly exploded onto the ministry scene. With this emergence has come the development of many ministries, and therefore also many options for you to consider. We are grateful that so many have answered the call to reach today's young women, so we understand that there may be another girls ministry that is more suited to meet your needs. But in an effort to help you make that choice, we have listed our ministry distinctives below to help you discern if our ministry is the right choice for you.

  • Our Team Approach: The members of our ministry team have personally experienced many of the wide-ranging issues facing young women today, including everything from sexual abuse to eating disorders. From their own healing and faith journeys, each team member brings a unique perspective and empathy to the team. In addition, our team includes women with diverse talents, gifts, and personalities. By harnessing these gifts, we are truly more creative and effective. By showcasing some of our unique differences, we increase our opportunity to impact the diverse audiences at our events. Many members of our team have been serving together for more than ten years now, so there is simply a fluidity and unity to our work that only God Himself could orchestrate.
  • Our Church Partnership Strategy: We believe in the power of the local church to change the world, so it is a priority to partner with churches in everything we do. We are much more than an event ministry...we are a resource ministry. Our true desire is to partner with churches in any and every way needed to help them launch, grow, and develop effective girls ministries.
  • Our "Serve Where Needed" Commitment: We have a passion to reach each community with a message of hope, regardless of size or location. No matter how small the budget or the expected attendance, we will work with you to develop an event or resource that will meet your needs. When SAGE first began, we prayed, "Here we are, Lord, send us," and that is still our prayer today.
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