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Parents Testimonials

The truth is preached in love...

My daughter and I attended the conference this past weekend...I want to thank you for being purposeful in the lives of these young women - to be proactive and not reactive! I thank you that truth is preached in love and not covered up. We so need to be reminded that we are the ones entrusted to pass these truths to the next generation, and we are to be living out these truths before them. I have not yet processed all that God was speaking to me this past weekend, but I want you to know that He used you in that process.

Kristin Thornton

Mom - Rockwall, TX

SAGE played a huge part in her spiritual maturity...

I just wanted to take a moment to extend my appreciation for all you have done in my daughter's life. Sarah, now almost 18, began attending the SAGE Girls' Conferences when she was in middle school. She loved them and invited her friends to come. I have had the privilege of watching her grow into such a godly young lady and I am convinced that the SAGE team played a huge part in her spiritual maturity. In an age where "church" and "Christianity" seem so cliché by the world's standards, it is nice to know there are women who are willing to invest time, energy and money in the lives of our teenage girls, discipling them as they seek to know Christ more. In addition, I have had the unique opportunity to watch as you ladies not just teach Christ but actually live it out in your everyday lives.  I am so thankful for each of you and pray you will continue to follow God's plan to minister to girls.

Melanie Shoemaker

Mom - Rowlett, TX

You have changed our girls...

We serve an amazing God! I pray that He blesses you greatly because of the impact you had on our youth in Lubbock this weekend. I have never been a part of an entire group of girls falling on their faces before God and as James 5 says confessing their sins to each other to ask for prayer. Your ministry touched our girls through the Holy Spirit, and for that I want to say thank you. I am a mother and a discipleship group leader at Coulter Road Baptist in Amarillo, and I am so honored to be sisters in Christ with you. You have changed the way we will react with our girls and you have changed our girls. I pray your ministry touches every group like it did ours. How our country would be different if we were all the women God called us to be! You are an amazing group of women!

Michelle Brinson

Discipleship Group Leader

It was all God's timing...

I know our girls really enjoyed the sessions. One mom said her daughter got up and came to talk to her during the fashion show. She had been talking to her about the way she was dressing. It was all God's timing that she heard the message this weekend.

Elisa Breuer

Mom - Groves, TX