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Submit Ideas

Since our SAGE team is in the trenches day-to-day serving with girls and women of all ages, we do our best to have a Spirit-led perspective on the needs that exist. Once those are revealed, we strive to respond with the most relevant events and resources. However, we understand that we are still limited by our own experiences and backgrounds, so that's why we are counting on you to share your input with us!

If you have an idea for one of our events or a suggestion for a new resource, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you!

Need something specific developed for your girls ministry and want some help? Allow our consulting and resource team to join forces and provide you with the customized event or resource you are looking for. Just contact us with your need and the time frame you are looking at.

In addition, if you have a resource you have developed that you think would be beneficial to others, please contact us. We are always searching for talented ministry partners who would like to join our resource team.