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Join the Writing Team

If writing is your passion, then we'd love to put that gift to good use within SAGE. As we travel, we meet some talented people with impressive poetry, blogs, and beyond. If you would like to have your work published, then check out some of the opportunities we currently have.

Each month we will have a key focus area as part of our "Girls United" Project. Upcoming focus areas for 2012 include:

  • January: "Encouragement - Rallying Others to Press On in the Race"
    (Deadline: December 15)
  • February: "Dating: Setting the Standard for God-Honoring Relationships"
    (Deadline: January 15)
  • March: "Media: Learning to Hear God Through the Noise"
    (Deadline: February 15)
  • April: "Faith: Trusting God to Move Mountains"
    (Deadline: March 15)
  • May: "Hope: Believing in the Promises of God"
    (Deadline: April 15)
  • June: "Love: Encountering and Embracing the Embodiment of Love"
    (Deadline: May 15)
  • July: "Purposefulness: Seeking to Live a Life of Intentionality"
    (Deadline: June 15)
  • August: "Kindness: Extending Compassion in a World of Mean"
    (Deadline: July 15)
  • September: "Fasting: Living with Less to Encounter More of Him"
    (Deadline: August 15)
  • October: "Servanthood: Following in the Humble Footsteps of Christ"
    (Deadline: September 15)
  • November: "Stewardship: Investing in the Eternal"
    (Deadline: October 15)
  • December: "Advent: Anticipating the Savior"
    (Deadline: November 15)

All articles need to be 500 words or less, are subject to editing for both content and space, must be accompanied by a brief author bio and pic, as well as a written statement giving SAGE permission to use the content online and in future publications (author will always be given writer’s credit). If you have an idea, please submit an article proposal for consideration.

In addition to our monthly features, there are also opportunities in the future for those wishing to contribute to our resource ministry. If you have a resource you have already developed or an idea that you think would be beneficial to others, please share the concept with us.

If you would like to learn about other writing opportunities within SAGE, please let us know here.